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Introducing "Ivory Rose Piano Essentials" - The Quintessential Soundtrack to Your Musical Masterpiece!

Unleash the soulful, emotive power of the grand piano in your music production with our exquisite sample pack. Boasting a mesmerizing collection of 46 live-recorded loop compositions, chords, and piano one shots, "Ivory Rose Piano Essentials" is your passport to crafting timeless melodies and original compositions that resonate with passion and authenticity.

 What's Inside:

Live Studio Magic: Immerse yourself in the rich, resonant tones of our unique upright piano, masterfully recorded in a professional studio setting. Our pristine, live-recorded compositions capture the essence of musical expression, breathing life into your creations.

Limitless Creativity: This pack was designed to cook up with trap, hip hop or r&b. With 46 loop compositions and accompanying parts, you have the canvas to paint your musical story. In addition, we offer chords and piano one shots to empower you to craft your own, unique compositions, ensuring you have endless possibilities at your fingertips.

 Transform your productions into timeless masterpieces with the elegance and sophistication of "Ivory Rose Piano Essentials." Elevate your sound, harness the power of live piano recordings, and set your music apart from the rest. Don't miss the chance to own this premium collection – your symphonic journey awaits! Purchase your ticket to musical brilliance today.


  • Instant Digital Download
  • 46 Compositions + Accompanying parts
  • stereo / wav formatting / compatible with all DAW’s
  • 100% Original Samples
  • Recorded using top of the line industry gear
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