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Elevate Your Sound to Unprecedented Heights with "Ivory Rose Deluxe"!

Prepare for the ultimate sonic journey as we unveil the next chapter in the "Ivory Rose" saga – "Ivory Rose Deluxe." This premium sequel builds upon the exceptional foundation of its predecessor, "Ivory Rose Piano Essentials," and takes your music production experience to entirely new heights. 

What Awaits You:

Unmatched Fire: Dive into a world of grandeur with our meticulously captured live piano recordings. Each note resonates with emotion, enveloping your creations in an ethereal ambiance that transcends traditional digital sound.

Extended Creativity: "Ivory Rose Deluxe" offers the full spectrum of its predecessor's 46 captivating loop compositions, chords, and piano one shots, plus an extended selection of over 100 of the loop compositions with various processing options. You'll find detuned, old tape, distorted, and more, opening up new dimensions of sonic exploration.

Unique Unrehearsed Takes: In a spontaneous burst of creativity, our pianist delivers two mesmerizing, unrehearsed freestyle takes. These unscripted moments capture the essence of musical improvisation, adding a touch of unpredictability and genuine emotion to your compositions.

A World of Possibilities: Immerse yourself in a world of creative possibilities. Whether you're scoring the soundtrack to a film, crafting chart-topping hits, or adding depth to your electronic productions, "Ivory Rose Deluxe" is your muse, elevating your music to unparalleled levels.

Step into a realm of musical opulence and inspiration with "Ivory Rose Deluxe." This extraordinary collection is designed to empower you to create the masterpieces you've always dreamed of. Elevate your sound and transform your music into pure artistry. Your symphony awaits – unlock it today with "Ivory Rose Deluxe." Don't miss this opportunity to own a piece of musical brilliance. Purchase your key to sonic excellence now! 


  • Everything from Ivory Rose Piano Essentials
  • Mixed by Multi Platinum Audio Engineer Stef Moro
  • Instant Digital Download
  • Over 100 uniquely processed loops
  • stereo / wav formatting / compatible with all DAW’s
  • 100% Original Samples
  • Recorded using top of the line industry gear
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